Creative Catering for Events and Weddings

Awesome pumpkin pizza


Weddings, corporate events, parties, festivals, glamping, and intimate soirees, we can cater for almost any occasion from crowd pleasing pizza to a unique three course dining experience*.


Our ingredients are always fresh and seasonal, we make the pizza dough using our own recipe and home grown biga (wild yeast) it’s the only way to do it in Italy and who can argue with the best.

Our meat is locally sourced from our award winning butchers Attwater & Best. We use organic and free-range not only because it feels right but because it tastes so much better!

We take our influence from the seasons as nature knows best. You can’t beat broad beans, mint and pecorino in spring, wood fired figs a dollop of crème fraiche on a warm summer’s night, or freshly baked bread dipped in oxtail stew full of chunky root veg as the evenings drawn in.

We’re confident we can bring you something delicious, together we can create a menu as unique as you are.
*Number restrictions apply

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